Lock and Load: DFY High Response Email Marketing

The Done-For-You Emails That Helped My Student Land Two $4,000/Month Deals in Two Days…

Now, YOU can copy, paste, and send the exact emails that get over 60% of people to say YES after just ONE email!.

Quick question…

Can You Follow These 5 Steps?

  1. Cobble together some email addresses
  2. Fill in a couple of blanks
  3. Send the email I give you
  4. Receive the reply
  5. Withdraw money from Paypal?

 Really difficult, I know, but if you think you can manage to handle those 5 steps, then continue to read…

Hey Warriors,

Lee Nazal here, and what I’m about to show you will make it easier than ever for you to land your dream clients WITHOUT nerve-wracking cold calling, expensive direct mail, or any cash-sucking copywriting skills. In fact, you’re actually BETTER OFF not having any! This system works for more than just offline/local marketing. And the best part? All you need to do is fill in a couple of blanks, copy the emails I give you, and click the Send button! Nothing could be easier!

"I've personally worked with Lee closely, and he's a genuine guy that really looks out for his customers and overdelivers value. What he teaches is rock-solid. Lee is a rising star and definitely one to watch out for!"

- Mario Brown

What I have for you is a simple but highly effective done-for-you email marketing system that I use to flood my offers with BUYERS every single day! I am going to give you the very emails that I, and my coaching students, have used to close thousands of dollars per month in sales. Word for word. Anyone can set it up within minutes and start having highly targeted buyers in front of whatever you want to sell in a matter of hours!

Not only do I use this system to throw massive amounts of prospects onto the sales pages of my own products as well as affiliate offers, but I also use it to make my phone ring NON-STOP with business owners ready to buy offline marketing services.

The email templates and swipe files I’m about to give you is about to blow up whatever business you’re in…

That could be…

  • Affiliate Offers
  • Software
  • Webinars
  • Your Own Products
  • Offline Marketing Stuff

Or really anything else you could think of…

FAIR WARNING: These templates are designed to be used for B2B applications, but that’s a really good thing, because they’re a lot easier to target, they have easier problems to solve, and they have money to spend on your offers! In other words, they’re a lot more qualified, which means more sales with less effort for you.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Have a look at the results my students have achieved:

"Just wanted to write and say thanks for the great training products. They are always unique, well explained and work just as advertised whenever I follow your instructions to the letter. Your last product on using targeted personalized emails did in fact result in a 40-60% response rate depending on what I was selling to whom, how well my email was matched to my potential buyer, etc.

Most importantly, even though these were very reasonably priced products, you’ve always answered my emails promptly. You are an excellent coach and I can’t thank you enough for your patience in working through with me to make sure I actually see results.

I’ve been making money as a marketer for about 5 years and very active on the marketing forums and groups. You have given me more value per dollar spent than anyone I can think of off and I’ve made back 100 x’s what I’ve invested in your training and products. A true professional and someone I feel good about referring all the time. Thanks Lee."

- Gary McCormick

Highly Targeted Emailing Brings You HUNDREDS of Buyers Per Day!

No, it's not some stupid sales email sent out in bulk by the millions from India.

Those are a joke.

Most of the time, they won’t even get through the filters set by the ISPs…

But if you get lucky and they do, they’ll end up in SPAM and they won’t get read.

What I’m talking about here are highly targeted, personalized emails that are sent to highly qualified prospects.

Think about this…

If you had 100 people and you knew that they wanted what you were selling, they had the money to pay for it, and they could make a decision right now…

How many of them could you get to buy?

The answer, based on my own experience, is MORE THAN HALF!

The data you see above is ridiculous.

Seriously, it really is.

The best email marketers in the world aren’t getting 66% open rates and over 60% reply rates. Well, actually, out of the people that took the time to open the email, over 97.2% of them responded!

It’s just unheard of…

And I’m not talking about people sending me replies to buzz off or leave them alone. I’m talking about these kinds of replies:

If you’re not getting these types of responses to your cold emails day after day, you NEED this NOW!

Oh, and real quick… if Dan Kennedy happens to read this, NO, I don’t do personal consulting so I’m sorry but I can’t help you!

That’s a little bit of a joke, but seriously, have you ever heard of anyone with those types of numbers?

Me neither – besides myself!

And in a few minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how I do it.

Over 60% of People I Emailed Were Ready to Buy, RIGHT NOW!

  • These are cold emails…
  • They have no idea who I am…
  • No idea what I’m selling…
  • And have never heard of my company before…
  • And over 97% of those that READ the message are REPLYING to me asking me to TELL THEM MORE!

Imagine what kind of damage you could do if you had:

  • An Unlimited Lead Source
  • Every Email Hits the Inbox
  • My Exact Templates that get over 60% Reply Rates
  • My Exact Subject Lines
  • How I Find My Prospects
  • And How I Get Them to Buy

 You’d be able to take this, hit the ground running, and start seeing results by tomorrow.

"I appreciate that Lee. I'm half way through the autoprospecting system and it's one of the few times I felt like I had way more value already than what I paid. I had no doubt I had the "real deal" reading your material and was truly glad I made the purchase.

Your transparency and honesty was more than refreshing and made it an easy decision to join the coaching offer. You have a talent for writing and I know I will learn something that will be of great value to me.

...no need for a response tonite. I was just impressed early on and wanted you to know.

Thanks Lee."

- Jan Turner


Lock and Load: DFY High Response Email Marketing

Inside our Member’s Area, you’ll find everything you need to start getting more leads for your business using emailing.

You’ll get all of the emails I use (copy and paste), the subject lines I use, all of my lead sources, my tracking resources, and much more. You’ll get videos that explain everything in great detail.

We don’t want to leave anything to chance here…

I don’t want you to “make it your own”

Or “put your own twist on it…”

I want you to take what works and DO IT!

It’s as simple as that…

Just do what I do, step by step, and reap the rewards!

"Hi Lee,

I purchased your course because I would rather communicate and market my services via email. I have sold services via cold calling and I know first hand how hard that can be... at least for me.

Your course confirmed my thinking about email marketing and gave some great advice. I really liked your tip for finding email addresses using Google search for manta leads.

I have a few other email courses so I wasn't expecting much from yours... but was pleasantly surprised. Yours is the best.

Thanks for taking the time to share your email know-how".

- Terry Mason

Here’s What You’re Going to Get!

All the FREE Leads You Can Handle
An emailing system doesn’t work without the ability to simply gather email addresses. What I’ll show you is a simple and effective way to gather all the information you need to send out 100 emails per day. And yes, this can be outsourced.

All of My Email Subject Lines
The emails need to be opened in order to get read. They also need to land in the inbox. By using my subject lines, all of your emails will be in the inbox of the prospect and most of them will open it up and respond.

The Exact Emails I Use to Get 60% Response Rates
You’ll be able to simply copy and paste my emails and use them to make money for your business. This is about as “done for you” as it can possibly get.

My Killer Secret Marketing Strategies
I’ll reveal to you my never-before-seen methods of landing clients and making sales.
I outline strategies for selling services such as SEO, Video Marketing, Social Media, Reputation, and Mobile. But it’s not just for Offline and Local, because I also show you my strategies for filling webinars and selling affiliate products, especially the software tools that are so hot these days.

How to Stay Ethical And Legal with Cold Emailing
YES, there is a way to send cold emails without violating the CAN-SPAM Act. You need to put certain things in the email to make sure you’re okay. I give you everything you need so that you can contact prospects COLD and do it legally and ethically.

Bonus Video Training
In-depth tutorials on how to use the templates, why they work, and my strategies for getting more prospects to say YES!


So as you can see, this isn’t just some PLR product or untested theories…

This is a system that I use daily, coaching students of mine use it daily, and it took me a very long time to perfect.

Because I believe in it 100%, I’m going to take all the risk.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I'm offering you a no-questions-asked, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to take all the risk off your shoulders. You're about to put a proven and battle-tested system into your hands right now. Once you've done so, if you don't believe that it was worth 1000x your investment, please let me know, and I will personally refund every penny on the spot.

PLUS Some Fast-Action Bonuses!

FREE Live Question & Answer Webinar
We’ll meet together LIVE where I’ll take all of your questions about the system. Plus, we’ll be bringing on a special guest (my most successful coaching student) to share his experiences with you!

$997 Value

FREE Lifetime Email Support
The system is solid but it’s new to you so you’ll need some help. That’s not a problem because included in your investment is FREE Lifetime Email Support. Even if it’s a year from now, if you have a question, just shoot me an email and I’ll respond within 48 hours!

$500 Value

So now it’s choice-making time.

To me, it really doesn’t matter all that much…

You could continue to jump from product to product and continue to search for that “Golden Ticket” which doesn’t exist…

Or you could start building a REAL business that will continue to provide income for you for the rest of your life! The choice is yours…

I hope to see you inside our Member’s Area and on our free Q&A Call!

 All the best,

 Lee Nazal

P.S. Secure your copy today! Be sure to lock in your price! I'm not sure how much longer I can keep it at this $27 price live. Then copy and paste your way to success by tonight!



This makes perfect sense, and falls into that rare category of ideas that are still uncommon, and therefore not saturated, yet so simple they are readily understood by anyone who reads them. sparking thoughts like: "obviously this will work like gangbusters; why haven't I thought of it, and why am I throwing away easy money by not doing it already!" (how many business owners can there be that would.nt want to be interviewed for some free publicity, and then how hard can it be to close them on service after showing them front page results that look great!? You are so right that it is infinitely more appealing tp them than "Pssst; buddy [opens trenchcoat] wanna buy some SEO").

- Greg Vinson

This is awesome Lee Nazal. I use a similar strategy for podcast interviews but you gave me an idea for his to maximize it and take it to the next level.

- Naketa Thigpen

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